DRAGONGATE ~DANGEROUS GATE 2020~ 21.09.2020 Preview & DoA Cage Explained

~ Luke Hickey https://twitter.com/PuroReviews

We are getting DANGEROUS GATE 2020 on Monday the 21st of September live from Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo on the DG Network, the show starts in Japan at 3PM so adjust that to your own timezone if you’d like to view it live. Not only are we getting three title matches, with only the Dream Gate not being defended, but we are getting the cage match that usually takes place at DEAD or ALIVE in Nagoya on this card.

Open the Brave Gate Championship Match
Kaito Ishida vs. Yosuke ❤ Santa Maria

Santa Maria challenged Ishida for the title at the STORM GATE 2020 kick off show in Korakuen Hall on the 9th, Santa Maria had earlier pinned Ishida’s unit-mate, Takashi Yoshida while Ishida had just once again pinned Dragon Dia. Ishida is coming up on a near year long reign after beating Yokosuka for the title last November in Osaka for The Gate of Destiny, Maria on the other hand hasn’t held a title since 2016, which was her sole reign as Open the Brave Gate Champion. I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing Maria come out victorious here, despite my REAL EXTREME DIFFUSION allegiance, I think she deserves it, when she is serious she is as good as anyone to watch. Also, if you’re wondering why a title match is opening the show, it’s cause Ishida called her a comedy jobber and her match should be the opening match, or something to that affect.

8 Man Tag Team Match
Yasushi Kanda, Kagetora, Gamma & Ho Ho Lun vs. DRAGONGATE Generation (Keisuke Okuda, Mondai Ryu, Punch Tominaga & U-T)

Ho Ho Lun is prime pinfall bait here, I am a bit disappointed that there’s none of the newer generation appearing in this match or elsewhere on the card. I feel Kobune, Kikuta, Kamei & Fujikawa would be better in this position than Kanda, Kagetora, Gamma and Lun, further establishing them while considering the strides they’ve all been making in recent showings the past month or so. Keisuke Okuda is close to boiling point, I imagine the eruption will come here and maybe the revelation of the Green Demon will come on this show.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Ultimo Dragon, Shuji Kondo & Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Don Fujii, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito

Maraha Isappa had a good outing at the last Korakuen Hall, teaming with fellow Toryumon Generation member Don Fujii to take on the unaffiliated Masaaki Mochizuki who teams with Toryumon Generation’s Shuji Kondo, and the Kocho, Ultimo Dragon. Team Dragon winning this all day long with Kondo potentially getting the pinfall.

Toryumon vs. DRAGONGATE Special Singles Match
Naruki Doi vs. Kzy

The set up went something like this from Kzy (I think) ‘You don’t have a match? I don’t have a match. Let’s go, Doi’. So now we have Doi vs Kzy in the second of two singles matches on this Dangerous Gate. They have met in singles competition seven times since 2008, with Kzy only winning one of them in King of Gate 2019. Their most recent encounter was this February when Doi successfully defended the Dream Gate at Truth Gate 2020 in Korakuen Hall. Out of everyone in DRAGONGATE Generation, I feel like Kzy needs a big win the most. YAMATO is… well, he’s basically a God. Ben-K, former Dream Gate, current Triangle Gate with Dia & J and then the Twin Gate champs, Minoura & Lee. He’s being outshone by much younger talent. Which is my main suspicion of a potential turn maybe?

Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match
(Ben-K, Strong Machine J & Dragon Dia) vs. R・E・D (Takashi Yoshida, Kazma Sakamoto & Diamante)

The second of three title matches on the match card sees the reigning Triangle Gate Champions, Ben-K, J & Dia defend against Yoshida, Kazma & Diamante. If there was a title change to take place on this card, I think it’ll be this [outside of me thinking Maria deserves the Brave, I can still see Ishida retaining] title that changes hands. They’ve had quite the long reign, 200+ days, but only the one defence due to the COVID19 Pandemic. On the flip-side, they work remarkably well as a trio together so I wouldn’t be shocked if they retained. Dia has been suffering so many falls from R・E・D guys the last few shows that he could do with a big pinfall here.

Open the Twin Gate Championship Match
DRAGONGATE Generation (Kota Minoura & Jason Lee) vs. Toryumon Generation (Susumu Yokosuka & Dragon Kid)

Solid first defence incoming for the current champs, Minoura and Lee. Susumu Yokosuka and Dragon Kid’s experience at this level will aid the two younger men in delivering on the big stage and take them to a quality match, but I don’t see them being a threat to the reign. Jason Lee has been deserving of a push for quite a while and right now the rocket seems to be strapped to Kota to see them lose the Open the Twin Gate titles at the first hurdle would be quite shocking, the main significant threats from Toryumon Generation are otherwise occupied elsewhere on the card. Minoura with the victory on Dragon Kid is my call here.

Dangerous Cage/DoA Steel Cage 6 Way Match
YAMATO vs. KAI vs. Masato Yoshino vs. Eita vs. BxB Hulk vs. Big R Shimizu

I’m still fuming at Big R Shimizu. FUMING. On Day 4 of The Gate of Adventure 2020 stop in Korakuen Hall on the 12th of August, the participants of the Steel Cage Match fought in a 6Way Elimination Match to determine entry numbers into the cage. When you eliminated someone, you could pick a neutral corner padding, open it and receive your number. The original entry number order was 1) Big R Shimizu 2) KAI 3) Eita 4) BxB Hulk 5) YAMATO & 6) Masato Yoshino. Protests mainly from YAMATO and Masato Yoshino followed, mainly stemming from the wagers affixed to them in the Steel Cage, which I’ll get to in a moment. Yagi announced a 6Man Tag match will take place at the next Korakuen Hall, with the winner getting to change a number with another, regardless if it is their own number or not. Storm Gate 2020 arrived with Big R Shimizu, Eita & YAMATO facing Yoshino, Kai & BxB Hulk, at times working with or against their teammates. Big R Shimizu scored the winning pinfall and after a lengthy promo, including some begging from YAMATO and Yoshino, Shimizu switched Yoshino’s number 6 with his R・E・D unit-mate and Dream Gate champion, Eita’s number 3. FUMING.

So, the cage match as we know it in modern DRAGONGATE had a cage match at DoA 2008 and nowoccurs annually since 2014 at DEAD or ALIVE in Nagoya [except for DoA 2009, 2010, 2011 2012 & 2013 with no cage], but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, this years edition of DoA was cancelled. The Cage Match itself will now take place at Dangerous Gate on the 21st of September in Ota Ward. Ota Ward holds significance too for the Cage Match as the first instance of a cage being used in the Dragon System occurred in this very arena in Toryumon Japan when they held Toryumon Japan Absolutamente on the 30th of September. This match was a 5Way Mask vs Hair Escape Rules match featuring the three Toryumon aces, CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki and Magnum TOKYO along with Dragon Kid and Darkness Dragon. Although it would be some time before we’d see a cage match being used alongside wagers and risks, this match set the foundation for the matches we see in DRAGONGATE at DEAD or ALIVE.

Every Cage Match has a risk for participant, and or someone else, for example you had the Double Risk attached to Cage Match at DoA 2015 & 2016, where a participant in the match had a risk themselves but also carried the risk of someone on the outside, sometimes outside of their own unit. So they had to free both the person on the outside before they escaped. 2017’s edition included YAMATO defending his Open the Dream Gate title alongside a general Hair vs Mask stipulation. Sometimes it is a simple Hair vs Mask risk, last years edition featured the Unit Bonds risk, where escapees and winners could kick someone out of their unit, example R・E・D turned on Ben-K while Shun Skywalker removed himself from Mochizuki Dojo.

This year, each of the 6 participants has at least TWO risks attached to them. These risks were decided by their opposing unit/generation, so R・E・D decided KAI and Yoshino’s risks, DRAGONGATE Generation decided BxB Hulk and Eita’s risks and Toryumon Generation decided Big R Shimizu and YAMATO’s risks.

Risks are as follows, in order of match entry:

Big R Shimizu’s risks are all focused on him losing outright, so if he escapes, he’s good. If he loses however, he must revert back to Ryotsu Shimizu, leave R・E・D and shave his head into a crew cut.

So if KAI loses the cage match he must leave DRAGONGATE forever or if he escapes first, he must join R・E・D. He can escape with between 2nd and 5th flag.

Masato Yoshino has the worst risks involved, all are associated with losing outright, if he loses he must retire on the spot, shave his head and immediately have his retirement match against Naruki Doi. If he escapes he is fine.

BxB Hulk if he loses must start his career over while using his real name, Terumasa Ishihara and join Mochizuki Dojo, which is active on the Amazon Prime Japan TV show.

YAMATO if he loses must use a straightener for his hair, change his ring gear to be plain with no designs and exchange his entrance jacket for a bathrobe. He must also do the opening talk segment with Mr. Kikuchi.

Eita if he loses the match has to join DRAGONGATE Generation, and if he doesn’t escape first, he must defend the Open the Dream Gate title against someone from DRAGONGATE Generation. If he escapes first nothing happens to him, but considering he’s now sixth, this is unlikely.

So the rules for this years match are Big R Shimizu & KAI will start the match. Masato Yoshino will enter after 5 minutes. BxB Hulk will enter 4 minutes after 3. YAMATO will enter 3 minutes after 4, and Eita will enter after another 3 minutes. Usual rules of escape apply, to escape one must grab one of 5 flags, unlike original DoA Cage Rules with all 5 flags active, flags will be active in a staggered process. With a flag being added each time an entrant enters the match.