Dramatic Dream Team ~Day Dream Believer 2021~ 14.03.2021 Korakuen Hall Review

by Lloyd Barrett https://twitter.com/91LFB

DDT returned to Korakuen Hall action on March 14th for Day Dream Believer. The show was headlined by a triple header of championship bouts, Chris Brookes challenging DDT Extreme Champion Shunma Katsumata in a Barbed Wire Coffin Deathmatch, KO-D 6 Man Tag Team Championship action, with the DAMNATION trio of Takao, Hino and Endo challenging Young Communication Generation. Whilst Yuki Ueno would defend his DDT Universal Championship against Yusuke Okada. Another featured match on the card was Eruption clashing with Junretsu, 2 weeks ahead of Higuchi and Akiyama clashing at Korakuen for the KO-D Openweight Championship.

Under Match
Hideki Okatani vs Toi Kojima

This was a fantastic under match and could honestly have served a purpose on the main card. The two promising rookies showed why they have such bright futures, with this hard hitting strike fest, full of engaging exchanges of chops and vicious elbows. The slightly more experienced Okatani was able to pull off the win, following a Northern Lights Suplex.
Winner: Hideki Okatani

DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship
The Young Bucks Autobiography “Killing The Business”, Danshoku Dieno & Keigo Nakamura vs Antonio Honda, Saki Akai & Saki Akai Photo Book “Lip Hip Shake” (c)
The main card got underway with a 6 person/book tag, which saw The Young Bucks Autobiography look to gain revenge from Lip Hip Shake and regain the Ironman Championship. However despite the best efforts of “Killing The Business”, it was unsuccessful in its pursuit of the championship, as was Lip Hip Shake in retaining. With nobody around, Keigo Nakamura was able to hit the Exquisite on Lip Hip Shake to win the match and the championship.
Winners: The Young Bucks Autobiography “Killing The Business”, Danshoku Dieno & Keigo Nakamura. Keigo Nakamura wins the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship.

DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship
Saki Akai vs Keigo Nakamura (c)

During Nakamura’s celebrations he was distracted by Lip Hip Shake. This was enough of an opening for Saki Akai to catch Nakamura off guard and hit him with the Rookie Award to win the championship.
Winner, and new DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion: Saki Akai

Disaster Box (Toru Owashi & HARASHIMA) vs DAMNATION (Mad Paulie & Daisuke Sasaki) vs Yukio Naya & Yuki Iino vs The 37 Kamina (MAO & Konosuke Takeshita)
Prior to the show getting underway, DDT Sauna Club announced they were changing their name to The 37 Kamina (37 pronounced as Sauna). The match itself marked new beginnings for Takeshita and Iino as this was the first show after the official break up of ALL OUT. Takeshita’s action in this contest showed that he was definitely looking to write a new chapter in his career, as he showed signs of cooperation with Daisuke Sasaki. Takeshita would also lure Iino in to inadvertently spearing his tag partner Naya, before dropping Iino with a huge Last Ride. HARASHIMA however showed verteran instinct to stay one step ahead of the competition, removing Takeshita from proceedings, before nailing Iino with the Somato.
Winners: Disaster Box

Eruption (Yukio Sakaguchi & Kazusada Higuchi) vs Junretsu (Makoto Oishi & Jun Akiyama)
Things continue to boil over between champion and challenger ahead of their March 28th clash, and this was another highly charged affair between the two. Higuchi and Akiyama would start the contest and come flying at the blocks at one another in an extremely fiery and aggressive nature. The bout would spill to the outside, which would be the beginning of a chaotic climax. Akiyama sent Higuchi crashing in to the ring post, however Higuchi would barely flinch, but would be downed by a big Exploder Suplex. Sakaguchi connected an apron PK to Akiyama before Oishi hit a basement dropkick on Sakaguchi, and none of the competitors were able to return to the ring, ending the match in a double countout.
Double Countout

DDT Extreme Championship
Barbed Wire Coffin Deathmatch
Chris Brookes vs “Super Hardcore” Shunma Katsumata (c)

This was a wild championship encounter between these two heated rivals, which made for really fun viewing. To counter Shunma’s Lego Bat, Brookes armed himself with a sickle with the words “Die Katsumata” painted on it, this however was a weapon that was too violent for the contest. However the barbed wire board and the plethora of weapons in and around the ring were deemed acceptable. Shunma would use his Super Hardcore persona decked out in Joker paint and would be accompanied by Super Hardcore Druids, who brought the coffin to the ring. Later in the match the other members of The 37 Kamina donned the Joker paint to assist Katsumata. Brookes also had help, in the shape of rookie Toi Kojima who was part of the ring crew. Kojima would slide Brookes sickle back in to the ring with referee Matsui distracted and Brookes would use it to choke Shunma. The conclusion of the match would come when Shunma headed up to the top for the Stuka Splash, however Brookes would evade the attack and Katsumata landed in the coffin, before Brookes would place the lid on the coffin, securing the win and the championship. After the match Brookes hammered nails in to Shunma’s coffin to ensure he stayed buried.
Winner, and new DDT Extreme Champion: Chris Brookes

KO-D 6 Man Tag Team Championship
DAMNATION (Soma Takao, Yuji Hino & Tetsuya Endo) vs Young Communication Generation (Kazuki Hirata, Akito & Shota) (c)

Young Communication Generation have been on a roll since reuniting and capturing the 6 man titles. However in their third defence they hit a DAMNATION shaped roadblock at Korakuen. After a competitive and entertaining bout, Soma Takao was able to down Shota with a Running Elbow Butt to secure the titles for DAMNATION.
Winners, and new KO-D 6 Man Tag Team Champions: DAMNATION

DDT Universal Championship
Yusuke Okada vs Yuki Ueno (c)

A fantastic main event contest, that shows the main event future of DDT is in fantastic hands. Yuki Ueno has had a phenomenal run as Universal Champion and has stepped his game up to another gear in the turn of the year, and Okada was able to match him step for step in this bout that I feel could be the best DDT match of the year so far. After a highly competitive, back and forth contest, Okada looked like he had shockingly put the champion away after hitting the Tricolour. However this only kept Ueno down for a two count and the impressive champion was able to regroup and put away Okada with the WR to retain the championship, and add a fourth successful defence to his reign.
Winner, and still DDT Universal Champion: Yuki Ueno