All Japan Pro Wrestling ~Dream Power Series 2021: NEXTREAM Special~ Day 5, 28.03.2021 Ikos Ageo, Saitama Review


The last show before Champion Carnival begins is a Nextream special. Before the show all 4 members of Nextream make their way to the ring. When the audience arrived, they voted for their choice of which Nextream members will be teaming together in the main event. In the end the winning choice was Yuma Aoyagi and Atsuki Aoyagi vs Kento Miyahara and Rising HAYATO. With the results revealed Nextream make their way to the back and the show can start.

Francesco Akira vs Yusuke Kodama
A rematch from last week sees Akira trying to avenge his loss and come out on top with a win. He looks pleased at the crowd as the clap for him. This annoys Yusuke as he rolls out of the ring trying to get the crowd to stop. Back and forth action between the two with a big drop kick and a dive to the outside gives Akira the early advantage. It does not take long before Yusuke gets himself back into the match. He mocks the crowd and their clapping while firing back at Akira and raking his eyes. Akira tried to quicken the pace and go for some flashy pins but only gets a two count. Pin attempts by both men keep being reversed until Yusuke slams Akira down to the mat by pulling his hair and rolls him up for the three count. Akira looking frustrated with another lose while Yusuke frightens more children sitting in the front row before leaving.

Ryuki Honda vs Shotaro Ashino
This is the 3rd match in a 7 match trial series for Ryuki. Both men have a bit of history. They both worked for Wrestle 1 before the company closed in 2020 and both went to the same school. Ashino tries for a handshake but Ryuki slaps his hand away. Some grappling to start with but ends with Ashino deciding to give Ryuki a kick to the head. This fires up Ryuki as he gets up and starts to rain down forearms to Ashino before a loud and hard slap to the face drops the rookie. No matter how many times Ryuki gets knocked down he manages to get back up. Hitting a scoop slam, spear and suplex only gets him a two count. Ashino is able to deliver a beautiful suplex before locking in the ankle lock and making Ryuki tap out. Ashino offers to shake hands again and Ryuki accepts this time. Ashino gives Ryuki a pat on the back for a good job before throwing him out of the ring, posing on the turnbuckle corner and walking off.

Shuji Ishikawa & Koji Iwamoto vs Black Menso-Re & Takao Omori
The two heavyweights start this off with a test of strength which soon turned into a slap contest. Their partners get tagged in and quicken the pace. Black Menso-Re tries for a top rope move but with his tag partners hitting the turnbuckle pad in support, he falls off. More bad luck for Black Menso-Re as Shuji gets tagged in. The GAORA TV champion easily outpowers Black Menso-Re as he picks him up and throws him around the ring with ease. A sneaky thumb to the eyes and enziguri kick lets Black Menso-Re tag Takao in and give him a much-needed break on the outside. The junior heavyweights close this match up with Black Menso-Re trying to go for sneaky pins and blocking nearly every move Koji tries to connect with. Koji finally manages to hit Koko no Geijutsu and picks up the win. Two weeks in a row Black Menso-Re has been pinned so you do have to wonder if a title challenge for his six-man championship belts will be made soon.

Yoshi Tatsu vs Noboru Uchida
This match was billed as a different style fight and they were not lying. Water bottles, towels, buckets and chairs in each mans corner. Yoshi Tatsu in only plain black trunks. No boots, knee pads or flashy wrestling gear today. Noboru has no shoes as well but did have boxing gloves on. A lot of grappling, submission attempts and quick kicks and punches being thrown every now and then. Each round lasted 3 minutes with a break between each round allowing the competitors to rest and regroup. The third round starts, and it doesn’t take long for Yoshi Tatsu to lock in a submission hold and get Noboru to tap. Both men shake hands and Yoshi Tatsu rases Noborus hand in a show of respect.

TOTAL ECLIPSE (Jake Lee, TAJIRI & Hokuto Omori) vs Evolution (Suwama, Hikaru Sato & Dan Tamura)
The leaders of Total Eclipse and Evolution start this match off. Jake and Suwama circle around each other for a little bit but without even locking up Jake tags out which angers Suwama. Hokuto and Hikaru are in next and immediately get into each other face. Forearms and fists are exchanged between the two before Dan is tagged in and goes on the attack. Hokuto able to slip out of the ring and goes straight back to attacking Hikaru but a big shoulder tackle from Dan stops that. Dan is stuck in Total Eclipses corner for a while getting a beat down by all three members. Desperate to make a tag he eventual does. Jake and Hikaru are both in the ring but there is only one man Jake wants to wrestle. Jake throws Hikaru into Evolutions corner wanting Suwama to tag in who dose. Absolutely no love lost between Suwama and Jake over the years. They trade move for move until TAJIRI and Hokuto rush into the ring to stop Suwama momentum. Dan tags in but doesn’t last long against Jake as he hits the D4C and wins. Jake and Suwama exchange some words after the match. They will face each other on day 2 of Champion Carnival.

NEXTREAM (Kento Miyahara & Rising HAYATO) vs NEXTREAM (Yuma Aoyagi & Atsuki Aoyagi)
A fun, no stakes tag team main event ends the show. Atsuki, who has been mocking Kento since entering the ring, starts the match with him. Kento rolls outside to the ring posing for fans. Referee Kyohei Wada does not care for this and gives Kento an extremely fast count to get back in the ring. HAYATO gets tagged in and gets stuck in the brother’s corner for a long while being doubled team by Yuma and Atsuki since the referee is more concerned with keeping Kento in his corner. Kento and Yuma get tagged in but only share the ring for about 1 minute before Atsuki is back in. Atsuki, who seems to be a bit confused, goes to tag in Kento before realising that they are opponents. Yuma gets tagged in and pushes Kento of the ring apron. Atsuki keeps Kento out of the ring and Yuma locks in End Game. HAYATO has not choice but to tap out. No hard feelings at the end of the match as all four members pose together and all give an in-ring post-match promo. Although Kento is left to pose alone in the end as the other 3 members walk away.

A very impressive showing from the youngest members of Nextream. All members here looked good but Atsuki and HAYATO were the stars of the show with Atsuki showing off his high-flying skills and HAYATO’s athleticism. It is interesting that Kento and Yuma hardly interacted with each other but with Champion Carnival coming up next they might be saving their big fight until then.

Champion Carnival starts on the 9th of April and runs until the 3rd of May.
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