Chris Brookes Produce Vol.3 ~Danger & Pleasure Tour 96~ 04.04.2021 Ice Ribbon Dojo Review

by Lloyd Barrett

On April 4th DDT Extreme Champion Chris Brookes presented his third produce show “Chris Brookes Produce Show 3- Danger and Pleasure Tour 96”. The card was made up of 3 matches, and was arguably Brookes’ strongest produce show lineup to date. Brookes would make his first defence of the DDT Extreme Championship against Mecha Mummy. The event would also see the return of the Men’s Club, as Men’s Teioh teamed with Makoto Oishi and Hagane Shinno, to take on Keigo Nakamura and The 37Kamiina pairing of MAO and Yuki Ueno. The main event would be contested between DDT ace HARASHIMA and ChocoPro standout Baliyan Akki, who returned to Chris Brookes Produce action, after a fantastic display in a losing outing against Konosuke Takeshita on the previous show.

Brookes and Masahiro Takanashi came out to open the show, however the feed would cut to the backstage area where a professor that looked very similar to Shota said that this was Mecha Mummy’s show and that Mecha Mummy was going to turn Brookes in to a Mecha.

DDT Extreme Championship
Mecha Mummy vs Chris Brookes (c)

Brookes offered his hand to Mecha, however had sinister intentions as he would ambush him straight out of the gate. The Extreme Champion seemed to have found an easy way to dispatch of Mecha Mummy as he thought and just needed to splash water on him to make him malfunction. However Mecha Mummy was surprisingly a step ahead of Brookes as he armed himself with a protective face shield to block the water. Brookes would then look to use a water gun, however Mecha Mummy would intercept this and snap it in half. Mecha Mummy’s Rocket Punch would come into effect for both combatants throughout the contest, including Brookes landing a Rocket Punch tope. The match would continue to be contested around the ringside area and with Brookes looking in trouble after being drilled by Mecha Mummy his friend and partner Masa Takanashi came to the rescue, tipping a beer over Mecha Mummy causing him to begin to malfunction. Brookes was able to use Mecha’s Rocket Punch to send him crashing into a kids pool, before putting him away with a Jackknife cover to successfully retain the Extreme Championship on his first defence. After the conclusion of the match Mecha Mummy attacked Brookes, however his assault was surprisingly cut short by the emergence of Mokujin Ken.
Winner, and still DDT Universal Champion: Chris Brookes

Keigo Nakamura & The 37Kamiina (MAO & Yuki Ueno) vs Men’s Club (Hagane Shinno, Makoto Oishi & Men’s Teioh)
This was a super fun and absolutely wild 6 man tag team match that showcased a multitude of different styles that came together to create magic. The fast paced and frantic action drew multiple near falls, but it wasn’t til Teioh hit Nakamura with the Miracle Ecstasy did it finally look like the match may be over, however The 37Kamiina were able to break up the pinning attempt. The Men’s Club were able to dispatch with MAO and Ueno, leaving Nakamura to fill to the triple Miracle Ecstasy.
Winners: Men’s Club

Baliyan Akki vs HARASHIMA
The early stages of this contest saw both men locked in a mat based battle. HARASHIMA would look to turn the match in his favour by ramping up his use of strikes, however Akki was able to continue to take the match to the ground and remain in control. HARASHIMA would however outsmart Akki at his own game as he was able to reverse Akki’s ground offence and lock in a Heel Hold. HARASHIMA would start to dictate the pace of the contest, however Akki was never fully out of the running and he would find an opening once again, this time landing an impressive dropkick and a flying knee. Akki went up top for the Namaste Press, but HARASHIMA used his veteran instincts to get his knees up. HARASHIMA went for the Somato, but Akki would evade the attempt and land a succession of big strikes, before downing HARASHIMA with an enziguri and applying a leg lock. HARASHIMA would however reach the ropes and turn the contest on its head. First landing a super kick, following that up with a reverse Frakensteiner, before finally putting Akki away with the Somato.