All Japan Pro Wrestling ~Champion Carnival 2021~ Day 4 & 5 Review


~Champion Carnival 2021~ Day 4, 17.04.2021

Shotaro Ashino vs Kohei Sato
A slap contest breaks out and brings Ashino down to one knee. Done with slapping Ashino and Sato trade forearms and uppercuts. A very strike heavy contest from both. Sato gets the upper hand but makes the mistake of going for a kick as Ashino turns in it into a dragon screw leg whip. Sato quickly recovers and continues the punishment as repeated kicks batter Ashino’s now red chest. To his credit Ashino does get back up after every kick. A brain buster attempt is reversed into a German suplex and Ashino is finally able to gain some offence and apply his ankle lock. Sato turns the match back into a strike contest and hits some extremely hard forearms and Ashino is down once again. A piledriver secure the win for Sato. Both men share a fist bump before leaving the ring.

Suwama vs Koji Doi
Doi with an elbow and shoulder tackle takes Suwama off his feet. Punches, elbows, kicks and chops fly between the two. Doi managing to kick Suwama’s arm and immediate starts to work it over. Suwama hits a flying shoulder tackle but is visibly still in pain from Doi’s earlier offence. The Triple Crown champ goes to lift Doi up for a power bomb but Doi is too strong and throws Suwama over his back. Doi follows up with a big drop kicks and lariat which gets a two count. Suwama is able to block the next attack and hits a backdrop but Doi is immediate back on his feet. Suwama waste no time and chokes Doi out and the referee has no choice but to end the match. Suwama gains another two points.

Jake Lee vs Shinjiro Otani
Lock up straight away and Jake with the strength advantage pushes Otani into the ropes then applies a headlock. He breaks free but Jake comes back with kicks and then chargers at Otani, but he pulls the ring ropes down and Jake tumbles outside. Otani now on the attack has Jake in the corner and about to start running to hit his corner running boot but Jake trips him up with his long legs. Jake throws Otani outside and starts to ram him stomach first into the ring apron over and over. Back in the ring Jake continues the attack with kicks, shoulders chargers and even chocking. Jake delivers kicks to the chest of Otani and to his credit he does not back down and absorbs all of them. One more kick is caught by Otani who then swiftly kicks Jakes legs out from underneath him and now with Jake is in the corner finally can deliver a running boot. Jake rolls out of the ring to compose himself by unfortunately for him Otani delivers another running boot from inside the ring. Kicks are exchanged between the pair until knees to the stomach take Otani down but not for long as he hits a suplex and lariat for a two count. Jake blocks an incoming attack and delivers a running knee. Otani, helpless on the mat, is hit with a knee to the back of the head before Jake lets out a loud evil laugh. A D4C later and Jake has another win to his name.

Yuma Aoyagi vs Zeus
Back in March Zeus absolutely destroy Yuma in this building and today he hopes to do the same.
Clean break from Zeus to start before dropping Yuma with a shoulder tackle. Zeus chargers at Yuma but like Otani in the last match, he pulls down the ropes and Zeus goes flying outside. Zeus tries to get back in, but a drop kick keeps him out. Yuma follows and hits uppercuts until Zeus outpowers him and starts to attack around the ring. Chops to Yuma’s chest ring out around the area before both get back in the ring. Yuma tires to fight back but it is to no avail as Zeus counters and side steps every move he makes. Yuma reverses an Irish whip then hits drop kick to start his comeback. He takes Zeus down but not for long as sharp chops head Yuma’s way. After a fun back and forth contest Yuma heads to the top rope for a cross body but instead is met with Zeus who hits a brain buster from the second rope. Both men trade submission moves but none can get the win as the other man can get to the ropes. Yuma ducks under a lariat but doesn’t duck under the second attempt as it connects and nearly takes his head off. Zeus pumps up for another lariat, but Yuma gets a hold of his arms and goes for a crucifix pin which gets the three count and the first defeat for Zeus.

~Champion Carnival 2021~ Day 5, 18.04.2021

Kento Miyahara vs Koji Doi
Both men looking for their second win of the tournament. Doi wastes no time and immediately attacks Kento with a big shoulder tackle and Kento fires back with a knee. Doi lifting Kento up for a torture rack and follows with a big boot while Kento is hung up in the ropes. Both men now out on the entrance ramp try to suplex the other into the crowd while the referee is trying his best to get them back into the ring. Doi ends up delivering a big DDT on the ramp then throws Kento back into the ring and applies a headlock while Kento tries his best to get back into the match. Kento ducks a clothesline which allows him to connect a kick to Doi’s legs and with HAYATO and Astuki’s support he gets back on the attack. Kento lifts Doi up for his shutdown suplex but he powers out and breaks free and return with a huge lariat. Kento manages to avoid another attack from Doi and get the three count and win his second CC match.

Shinjiro Otani vs Shuji Ishikawa
After a bit of back and forth a knee to the stomach takes down Otani and he rolls to the outside. A double foot stomp from the ring apron and some kicks leaves Otani in a bad way. Shuji continues attacking as Otani tries to headbutt his way out of the corner, but Shuji is too strong to allow that to happen. Body scissors applied as Otani is desperate to get to the ropes. Another double foot stop and Shuji gets a two count. Otani trips Shuji up in the corner and finally able to gain some momentum with the crowd fully behind him. A running boot to the face barely fazes Shuji as he comes firing back stiff shots. Otani tries to choke the big man out but Shuji can roll to the ropes and force a break. A lariat and running knee gets Shuji a very close near fall. Otani manages to fight back and locks Shuji in a submission that proves too much as he is forced taps out. Otani has beaten the GAORA TV champion.

Kohei Sato vs Zeus
Sato starts off with some hard kicks to the back. Zeus not appreciating being kicked pops up and traps Sato in a headlock. Sato is stuck for a while and has an extremely hard time escaping. Sato eventually pushes Zeus into the ropes but runs into a shoulder block for his troubles. Sato manages to get back to his feet and catches Zeus with a kick to mid-section and continues the kicks before trying for a piledriver but Zeus powers out. Zeus connects with a chokeslam and tried for a brain buster, but Sato reverses it for a brain buster of his own. Chops and forearms are exchanged before a big lariat brings Sato to the ground and Zeus is quick to apply his face lock but can’t get a tap out victory. A headbutt and two punches to the face disorientate Zeus as Sato suplex Zeus one last time and win the match.

Yuma Aoyagi vs Jake Lee
Yuma starts the match by mocking Jakes new and old taunts before locking him in a headlock. Jake breaks free by dumping him outside the ring. He continues the punishment by repeatedly running Yuma into the ring apron then goes for a walk around the ring while Yuma struggles to get up. Jake targets the mid-section for a while with some stomps and ramming his shoulder into Yuma’s stomach while he is stuck in the corner. Yuma tries to gain some momentum with a couple of forearms, but Jake counters with a knee and a nasty looking elbow. Yuma hits a drop kick and starts his comeback. A big crossbody only gets a one count. Jake knees a charging Yuma in the stomach and a connects with a big boot in the corner. A chin lock is applied but Yuma is able to get to the ropes but once again has a hard time getting back to his feet. A spin kick knocks Jake though a loop, but he answers back with a kick of his own before both men go down. A flurry of uppercuts and 2 German suplex’s gives Yuma the opening he need to get Jake down to the mat for End Game. Jake makes it to the ropes, but Yuma quickly goes for two pins but only get a two count on both. A big knee to the stomach drops Yuma immediately to the mat and he seems like he is in extreme pain. Jake rushes over to pick Yuma up but at this point he is dead weight. Referee Kyohei Wada starts a 10 count to get Yuma back to his feet which he does at 8. Jake, who still has trouble picking Yuma up, delivers some knee strikes as frustration sets in. He picks a lifeless Yuma up for a D4C but doesn’t manage to hit it as Yuma rolls through and locks in End Game. Jake taps out and Yuma wins two main events in a row. It would be a good guess to say Yuma was playing possum the whole time as he is laughing while he has End Game lock in and when Jake taps out.

Champion Carnival Leaderboard:
Zeus (3-2) 6
Kohei Sato (3-1) 6
Yuma Aoyagi (3-2) 6
Jake Lee (3-2) 6
Shuji Ishikawa (2-2) 4
Suwama (2-2) 4
Kento Miyahara (2-2) 4
Shinjiro Otani (2-2) 4
Shotaro Ashino (1-3) 2
Koji Doi (1-4) 2

Champion Carnival Dates:
24.04 ShinKiba 1st Ring 12:30 JST (LIVE)
25.04 Korakuen Hall 11:30 JST (LIVE)
28.04 Hodogaya Public Hall (VOD)
29.04 Korakuen Hall 18:00 JST (LIVE)
03.05 Korakuen Hall 18:00 JST (LIVE)

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